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On this site you will find latest news on glass blowing courses or information about the new products and offers by season.

At the moment we are open normally. Courses are held by the plan, both private and common ones. Please take a look at the course calendar and contact us if you are interested in joining. Course descriptions are not translated completely yet, so forgive us and contact for more information.

We are following COVID-19 guidelines provided by local health authorities. We have enhanced cleaning for high-touch areas and tools. If you feel ill or have any symptoms, please stay home. The course or visit can be rescheduled for later time.

Tule lasinpuhalluskurssille

Kesäretki ja hauska aktiviteetti lomalle tai kesäviikonloppuun!

Tule yksin, ystävien tai perheen kanssa kauniiseen Fiskarsiin ja varaa paikka lasikursseille. Vaihtoehtoja on paljon, aikaisempaa kokemusta ei tarvita. Katso (kuva vieressä) kuinka upeat lasiesineet asiakkaamme teki alkeiskurssilla!! 

HUOM! Toimi nopeasti, kurssit täyttyvät pikavauhtia!

Katso tämän kuun tarjoukset ja hyödynnä edut!

Osta itsellesi tai lahjaksi ystävälle lasia tai unohtumaton elämys

Myös lasistudiolla runsaasti mielenkiintoisia tarjouksia, tule paikan päälle!


Lahjaideoita juhlatilaisuuksiin!

Kevät ja kesä on yhtä juhlaa, ei ainoastaan valon ja vihreyden riemua.

On monenlaisia valmistujaisia, rippijuhlia, mökkivierailuja ja romantiikkaa ilmassa häiden yms. merkeissä.  Lasi on loistava lahja, anna se elämyksenä tai valmiina tuotteena päivänsankarille. KATSO LAHJAIDEAT


Children can join to the glass blowing courses! Note cheaper price!

Get 25 % discount  (of the normal course prices) for children under 13 years old. Glass blowing is a great experience for anyone. Welcome families!


Use your Eazybreak voucher for glass blowing!

We accept Eazybreak voucher nowadays, take the benefit and come to beautiful Fiskars for a glass blowing course or workshop.



Pay your activity by your Tyky-voucher. Tyky is the employer's best partner in arranging the staff's cultural benefits, glass blowing is one of the exiting ones. Come and try.


We are not accepting LAHJAT.FI gift vouchers!

For you information, gift cards provided by the company '' are not accepted at Bianco Blu Oy.  BUT please note all Elä cards are very welcome as usual.

Get an engraving on your glass item!

If you have some glass items you'd like to get an engraving on it (like name, date or short congratulation text) bring or send it to our studio and we'll engrave what needed. That applies also some other materials (other materials to check in advance).

All the items purchased on site or produced at the courses includes engraving free of charge.


Packaging materials

We sale also packaging materials, like moving or storage boxes and seagrass filling, in addition you can get tapes and bubble wrap for affordable price.